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Dare to Dance Volunteer

We are looking for volunteer to assist our practitioner in our Dare to Dance courses.

This is a great opportunity if you enjoy contemporary dance and are keen to develop skills in teaching community dance.

About Dare to Dance

Suitable for participants aged 55+, the Dare to Dance Beginners and Dare to Dance Improvers courses are welcoming, accessible and challenging, taking into account each participant’s abilities and their body. Led by John Darvell of NOCTURN, the courses are a way for participants to explore their creative side whilst improving overall fitness and flexibility.

The Dare to Dance volunteer must be aged 18 or over and available on the following dates:

Dare to Dance: Mondays 14 January – 1 April, 10.30am – 12pm Wednesdays 16 January – 3 April, 4pm – 5.30pm

If you wish to apply, please send you CV and a brief covering letter to getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk

As a Dare to Dance Volunteer, you will:

Follow the Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection policy at all times
Observe the group’s activities and focus on ensuring that everyone in the room understands the activities
Support the participants most in need, in terms of safe dance practice
Contribute ideas and outside perspectives on the work of the participants where relevant/useful
Check in with the lead practitioner at the end of the session to share any thoughts on the group, how it is working and how you might be able to work together next week to support the group

Our aims as an organisation:

We ask that all participants treat one another fairly, that everyone develops listening and critical thinking skills as well as performance skills and that our volunteers and practitioners are respected at all times.